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Sonography is a diagnostic medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves, or ultrasound waves, to create images of tissues, glands, organs, and blood or fluid flow within the body. This test is also referred to as an ultrasound  or sonogram.

Sonography uses a device called a transducer on the surface of the skin to send ultrasound waves and listen for an echo. A computer translates the ultrasound waves into an image. A trained technician can see, measure, and identify structures in the image. A healthcare provider then reads the images to help diagnose the issue or problem at hand.

A sonogram captures a live image of what’s going on inside the body. It functions like a camera that takes pictures of body parts or processes in real time.


Sonography is useful for evaluating the size, shape, and density of tissues to help diagnose certain medical conditions. Traditionally, ultrasound imaging is great for looking into the abdomen without having to cut it open.


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In MES hospital Dr. Arvind helping to patients excelent way of speaking Guidense. I felt very Happy with this people.. I strongly recommend to my Friends n Relatives to this Hospital
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Dr. Pratibha Sanadhy is very experienced Gynaecology doctor in chittorgarh. she has good experience in operations
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Dr pratibha is very excellent in treatment and way of receiving the patients. overall excellence
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Excellent treatment, very polite and sincere Doctors and team. Thank you very much I am grateful to you.
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