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We are a team of 3 professional Doctors with extensive experience with the latest trends and technologies in the General medecine .

We are known for the most affordable and painless pregnancy  treatments that our clients have been loving for years.  we assure the best help in a comfortable and friendly environment. We’ve built relationships with thousands of clients for simple consultations and surgeries too.

Doctor Vikas Laddha who is the expert doctor in General medicine. He has experience of many years in various hospitals.

A general physician is equally important because he is the first one we approach when we find any kind of discomfort or pain in our body. Only after he checks us and lets us know that we need a specialist, do we go to one. Moreover, while a specialist has all the detailed knowledge about a specific organ or system, a general physician has general knowledge about all the body parts. General physicians go through a more rigorous training programme as part of their education, as compared to specialists. Also, their ability to think logically than in only a few directions make them special in the field of medical science. Their area of expertise is broad and offers multiple solutions to even the most complex problems that patients might suffer from. However, one field where they lag behind is surgery. General physicians are well equipped with diagnosing and treating diseases or illnesses that are non-surgical; and when a surgery is required, he asks the patient to visit a specialist. The below mentioned roles define the scope of work of a general physician.

Some of the most common ailments that a general physician can treat include common cold, cough, tonsils, fever, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, and lung fibrosis. It is their broad area of expertise that helps them diagnose these and many other ailments. All in all, a general physician is a multi-tasker and is highly capable to diagnose and assess a variety of ailments.

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